Commonly asked questions:
Q.  Do you clean Apartments and Commercial areas?
A.  Yes, although we specialize in residental areas, we also clean apartment common areas, veterinary clinic grounds, groomers and pet friendly businesses, as well as hotels that allow pets.  We also service pet waste stations.

Q.  What about diseases?
A.  We sanitize our equipment after every cleaning so that no diseases or parasites can be transferred to your dog or property.

Q.  Do you work on weekends or on a Holiday?
A.  We currently do not work weekends, ( we like to play with our dogs too ), and can usually take care of your needs to keep your lawn clean Monday through Friday. 
If your cleaning day happens to fall on a holiday, your cleanings will resume on your next scheduled day.
  We are off on the following holidays:
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Our company will be closed two weeks a year, to let our workers spend time with their families.  Advance notice will be given to our regular customers.

Q.  Do you work through the winter months?
A.  Absolutely!  Dogs keep making their messes all year long, and we will continue to keep your lawn or commercial property free of dog waste every week of the year.

Q.  What about when the weather is bad?
A.  We will work in most temperature extremes, however  snow, sleet, ice and rain will stop us.  If we cannot come out due to a factor beyond our control, your cleanings will resume on your next scheduled day.  We do not give credits for the day we missed due to the fact that we will have twice the amount of waste to clean our next time out.  We also never charge extra for the months with 5 weeks.  This is a bonus free week that helps make up for any missed cleanings due to a factor beyond our control.

Q.  Why should I use your service?
A.  A lot of reasons!  Contrary to what you may have heard, dog poop will not fertilize your lawn, it will actually kill your grass and cause unsightly brown spots.  Dog droppings can also carry many diseases and parasites, and the runoff from a poop filled yard contaminates streams and standing water, that kids like to play in.
 We can also be a second set of eyes for you, and if we see something in your dog's stool (worms, blood, pieces of your missing sock, etc.) we can let you know so you can take action.
  If you're tired of fussing about who's turn it is to pick up the poop in your yard, or if you'd like to be able to step off of your porch or deck, and not worry about what's gonna be stuck to your shoe, or worse, between your toes, then call us and let us keep your lawn free of poop from now on!
Here are some other great reasons to use our service:
 1. Stormwater carries pet waste and other pollutants directly into waterways. 
 2. Animal waste adds nitrogen to the water. Excess nitrogen depletes the water's oxygen, which is necessary for healthy underwater grasses, wildlife and fish. 
 3. Animal waste may contain harmful organisms such as Giardia, Salmonella and E. coli that can be transmitted to humans and other animals by ingesting contaminated water. 
 4. Roundworms and hookworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for a long time and be transmitted to other animals and humans. 
 5. It's the law! Many urban and suburban areas require you to pick up after your pet. Even if there is no restriction, cleaning up after your pet is the right thing to do. 
 6. Let's face it - no one likes to step in pet waste and spread it into homes, cars and businesses. 
 7. Scooping on a weekly basis will help prevent odors. 
 8. Your neighbors will appreciate the good manners. 

Q.  Who uses your service?
A.  Just about anyone can benefit from having us service your lawn.  Busy people who just don't have the time.  Disabled people who have trouble getting around.  Some people buy our services for their elderly parents or grandparents, and some people just think it's gross to pick up poop.

Q.  Where should my dog be on cleaning day?
A.  If you know your dog is friendly, we can clean your yard with your dog present. (We love dogs!)  If there is a chance that your dog will bite, or otherwise not let us clean your yard, the dog should be confined on the day of cleaning.

Q.  What about my gate?
A.  We do not climb fences or gates.  You should make sure that your gate is unlocked on the day of cleaning.  Our service rates still apply if we arrive at your house and your gate is locked.

Q.  What do you do with the poop?
A.  All dog waste is removed from your yard, and placed into plastic bags, which are then taken away and legally disposed of.  No bags or smelly trash cans are left behind for you to deal with.

Q.  Do I have to sign a contract?
A.  No, there are no contracts to sign.  You can start your service with just an email or phone call, and you can cancel at any time.  We just want you to give us 24hrs notice, and your service will stop.  If you are going on vacation, or just want us not to come that day, just let us know the day before.

Q.  On what day of the week will I be serviced?
A.   Fridays are reserved for commercial accounts.
Mondays are for our customers in Front Royal, and Stephens City.  Tuesdays are for our customers in the Winchester, and Stephenson areas.   Wednesdays are for our customers in the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Warrenton and Culpeper areas. 

Q.  What do mean by Satisfaction Guaranteed?
A.  Simply that.  You must be satisfied with our service.  If for any reason you are not, we will return to fix your problem, or you don't have to pay.  We will always stand by this policy.  Our goal is to have you as our long term client.

If you have any questions that we have not answered here, feel free to email us at, or call us at 540-717-2383, or 1-833-MUTT-POOP

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