Residential Rates:


All rates above are the weekly rate, but billed on a monthly basis.  We now offer a 10% discount for seniors 65 or over, or the disabled.

Apartments/Condos:  Billed at $10 per month per dog owner.  Simply add $10 to your existing monthly pet fees.  This is an attractive incentive for current or future residents.

We also empty pet waste stations, so you or your residents no longer have to worry about it!
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  One-Time Residential or Commercial Cleaning $50 for first hr.; $15 for each additional 1/2 hr, with a 1 hour minimum.  ( Most one time residential cleanings can be done in an hour).  Payments are due at the time of service.

Payment is due at time of service, or, you can pre-pay by the month.  There is a discount of 10% for clients who wish to prepay for 6 or 12 months.  Invoices are sent out on the 15th of every month, and are due by the first of the upcoming month.  (ie April's invoice will mailed out on March 15th, and is due by April the 1st.)  If payment is not postmarked by the 5th of the month, there will be a $10 late fee imposed on the next month's invoice.

These prices are based on an average sized yard, in good condition.  Prices may vary slightly if you have a very large yard, or if there are obstacles or debris that causes us to spend extra time at your home.  Leaves, tall grass,  branches and debris, or pea gravel will hamper our efforts to rid your lawn of dog waste.   Lawns larger than 1/2 acre will be $10 extra per cleaning.

There may be a $20 fee added at the time of your first cleaning, if it has been more than two weeks since your yard was last cleaned of dog waste.
(This does not apply to One-Time cleanings, which are done on a per hour basis.)

There is a $30.00 returned check fee.

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  Our dog waste cleaning service is based on a weekly schedule.   It is highly recommended to have your lawn serviced on a weekly basis to avoid parasites and diseases, angry neighbors, and sticky stuff between your toes!            Call today!  1-833-MUTT-POOP
            1x Per Week                           
1 Dog            $15.00                                                                     
2 Dogs          $20.00                                   
3 Dogs          $25.00                                    
4 Dogs          $30.00                                          
5 Dogs          $35.00                                         
6 Dogs          $40.00           
7 Dogs          $45.00            

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